Software development contract in embedded systems, firmware design, device driver implementation and network-software from Ethernet up to TCP/IP.
Furthermore bus connections like Ethernet, I2C, GPIB, SCSI, CAN and Flexray.
These issues under any kind of realtime OS and the Microsoft Windows operating system family.

C: e.g. in forms of ANSI-C X3.159-1989, ISO/IEC 9899:1999, Misra and more
C++: e.g. in forms of ISO/IEC 14882:98, ISO/IEC 14882:2003, a little ISO/IEC 14882:2014, MFC, STL, Boost, Template Metaprogramming and more
Compiler vendors I came in touch with are: Borland, Microsoft, Microtek, ST, Arm, Cosmic, GNU, Diab and Greenhills.
Assembler language for x86- and PowerPC-architectures

Beneath the communication controllers, necessary for the above mentioned bus systems, a focus on PPC microcontroller architectures arised in the last years, namely MPC563, 5554, 5567, 823e, 5604P dual-core and now Aurix multicore family.
Nevertheless Intels x86 family is still a core area.

2023: Developing an asymmetric multiprocessing layer for realtime linux
2022: Various Can-Bus protocol implementations
2021: Implementing a Can bus connection for a display device
2020: Flexray integration and multicore realtime OS configuration
2019: Implementation of various E2E and Safety related software
2018: Migration path Rte from Classic- to Adaptive AutoSAR
2017: Porting an automotive real time OS to realtime Linux
2016: Software development with and evaluation of an AutoSAR tool
2014, 2015: Software development for the Communication-Services-Layer of an AutoSAR 4 device
2013: Adapting existing automotive software to AutoSAR 4.
2012: Developing a 64bit crypting file system device driver for Windows 7
2011: Development of SW components based on AutoSAR 3.1 for an Airbag-ECU / Bugfixing blue screens in a 32bit Windows 7 file system device driver
2010: Predevelopment of a virtual AFDX solution / Development of SW components based on AutoSAR 3.0 for an Airbag-ECU
2009: Porting and extending a hardware intimate device driver from Vxworks to Windows, JTAG Boundaryscan and a socket-based network communication for embedded-linux and Windows. All issues for an avionic supplier.
2008: Developing an EtherneI-CAN Gateway for an avionics supplier / Firefighting a security related preemption problem for a railway electronics supplier
2007: Developing and integrating device drivers for Ethernet and Flexray for a central flash gateway for an automotive supplier.
2006: Firefighting in an Ethernet WLAN-Gateway / Developing modules for a DVB-T receiver.
2005: Developing Ethernet device driver for a central flash gateway for an automotive supplier.
2004: Firefighting in a x86 dual-core security related electronic device / Consulting for a railway electronics supplier.
2003: Development of an hard realtime extension for windows / Quality assurance for an automotive supplier.

Many more fire fighting- , device driver development- and network software-projects.
If you'ld like to have a complete list of my projects or my CV, do not hesitate to contact me. Accredited references available!


Implementing license management software

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